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Pre-order program coming spring of 2022!

2021 was a complete success for our flower farm. We enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to see you in the spring.

In an effort to better serve you we are introducing the pre-order system. On several occasions we were sold out of flowers. People said they forgot to come get flowers and were disappointed. We don’t want disappointed people what we do want is for you to enjoy a lush, fragrant flower bouquet each week for your kitchen table, workspace, or gifting. Beginning this spring each week we will make pre-ordered bouquets that are specially created for you with our fresh picked flowers. We will also offer a Ball jar bouquet for your convenience. Our pre-order program consists of a full season - 6 bouquets starting with tulips and spring bulb flowers and ending with dahlias in the fall.

Package 1 - 6 bouquets picked up at one of three locations​ $120.00

Package 2 - 6 bouquets delivered (20 mile radius) $180.00

Package 3 - 6 Ball jar bouquets picked up at one of three locations​ $100.00


Our goal as a company is to provide you with what you want and making it easier for you to enjoy it. Does this help in removing disappointment from not getting out amazing flowers. We would like to hear your feedback and ideas.

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