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Chickens Come Home To Roost

Collier Row is in Demotte Indiana. When I moved to Demotte it was a very rural town made up of mostly farmers and people tied to the agricultural economy. Over the last 14 years, much has changed, and it is a rapidly growing community. No matter how quickly things are changing we are nestled into a dead-end street where families have lived for generations. The joy of hearing old stories about great grandpas and grandmothers who had the most beautiful vegetable patches never gets old. When I bought the house one of my favorite things is an old chicken coop on the property. We use it to raise chickens, our cats snuggle in the hay for naps and storage. The former owner of the home told me that the chicken coup was obtained from Sears & Robuck to help in the war efforts. Later, the story was confirmed to be true, and we even learned several houses in the neighborhood raised 1500 chickens each.

Being a romantic at heart and a lover of World War II-era we decided to rebuild and retire the coop to use as our cooler for the flowers, design area, and classroom. The front of the coup will be repurposed with brick pavers making a sitting area for groups to pick flowers for their various events. As you can tell me have a lot of fun plans for the future and your enjoyment.

Our clean-up crew consists of two great Prynees, Augustus and Nigel with an Australian Shepard named Darby. If you are not crazy about dogs remember they are in the house or their domain the back yard.

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